Thursday, May 10, 2018

She will be up for sale this season

So if you read this blog let me know and you will have preference if your interested in her. There is a TON of upgrades that I have not even posted on here. 

We are moving up to a 39-42 ft Cruiser just gotta find the right one.

Ceramic Coating & Short Haul DONE!

So we now have a 5 Year Warranty on the Ceramic Pro Coating. This stuff is amazing!! It's going to be light years ahead of cleaning the old way and she looks great. 

Zincs are swapped out, and LED's are cleaned we are READY for the season!! Now to replace the Brand New KVH Dome that the shrink wrap guy ruined due to a lousy job, there's another $2300 down the tubes that he said his insurance won't cover!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Shrink Wrap is off!!!

The Shrink Wrap is off, let the cleaning begin!! We have a short haul scheduled in the next two weeks for the zincs and bottom cleaning. I can't wait this season is going to be the best yet.

I have also decided to Ceramic Pro Coat the entire boat. Its very expensive but In the long run it will be work it, she will look great and clean up super easy from now on. I'm tired of waxing and compounding every 4 months.  

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Repair & Upgrade List for 2018

2018 Repair List : 

SOOOOO, what I'm thinking is one way or another I have replace the Brand NEW KVH TracVision TV1. The dome being smashed and in Neptune's back yard and the antenna being open to the elements for the past few months I priced out just the antenna replacement and it is MORE than a entire new kit. So guess what YUP got another complete brand new kit sitting in the storage room waiting on spring. I have a new WiFi Antenna on the way that was next to the dome so that went too.

Now for the 2018 Upgrade list :

  1. UPGRADE the shrink wrap and detail guy
  2. Recharge the 2 refrigerators and freezer.
  3. Sand, Clean and Re-finish the entire boat with Ceramic Pro. 
  4. Install the 2nd New KVH Satellite TV System due to the lousy Shrink Wrap guy and his not covering insurance he tells me. 

After this I gotta tell you guys I'm all done, there is nothing else I can possibly do to her so I'm just going to enjoy her until the next owner comes around.

               We are banking on spending a shit ton of money on fuel this season!!

Come on April 1st!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lousy Shrink Wrap Job!!!

Well the first winter we keep her in the water and as you can imagine I've been concerned the whole time. We chose a shrink wrap guy based on that he was doing most of the boats shrink wrap in the marina so I was like SURE why not? If everyone was using he has got to be reputable right? 


Well when I saw it a few days after he was paid and long gone, the thing looked like a deflated balloon you see on the water. So I called him right away and he said I'll go down and tighten it up next week. Well he went down and did something so I was ok for now.

So a few weeks later I get a call from a friend that was at the marina and he said you have to come to the marina as your wrap has an issue. So what this guy did was wrap "over" the new satellite antenna with out making a wood frame around it, he could have gone under it and had no issue. So we get some high winds and the dome gets ripped off rained in snowed on, my new $400 WiFi Antenna is ripped off and just and the wrap has a giant whole in it.

I call the guy and tell him he has to get there and fix it now! I ask him what he needs for paperwork for his insurance company for the claim and he says "that's wind damage, your insurance company will cover that". I shut my mouth and just wanted it fixed. So now I have a bigger issue on my hands.   

Saturday, December 23, 2017

November 11th 2017 Once again leaving the Mechanics Marina


Ok to cut a very long story short, a hose clamp failed on one of the water lines and that was all it was. The mechanic fixed it the next day and that was it. We ran her back to the home port in 30 degree weather and she ran great. I would have liked to run her more but it just wasn't in the cards. And just in time to winterize her and shrink wrap for the winter.